Tax rates under GST: The gains and losses for the Indian middle class

It's only less than a month left until Goods and Service Tax (GST) sees the light of the day. India's biggest tax overhaul crossed its final hurdle last week when GST Council agreed to tax gold and silver jewellery at 3 per cent tax rate.
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With GST to be implemented from July 1, it's the ideal time to check if your monthly budget will be affected under the new tax regime. We've put down a list of goods and services that will become cheaper or costlier once GST comes into force.
Gold: GST Council has fixed the tax rate of the precious metal at 3 per cent. GST Council on June 3 created a new tax bracket for gold, diamonds and silver. The current excise duty on gold was 1 per cent and 1 per cent VAT in many states. With 3 per cent GST, Gold is set to become costlier July onward.
Banking Charges: Transaction fee on various banking and financial services are expected to go up as GST will tax these services under 18 per cent tax rate from the current 15 per cent.
Hotel Bookings: GST on hotel services will depending on the kind of room you stay in. If the room tariff is less than Rs 1,000, your stay will be tax free. However, if the room tariff is between Rs 1,000 - Rs 2,500, you'll be taxed 12 per cent. It the tariff is between Rs 2,500 to Rs 5,000, the stay will be taxed at 18 per cent. For luxury hotels, where the tariffs are more than Rs 5,000, GST rate of 28 per cent will be applicable.
Eating Out: There are different tax slabs for restaurants depending on their turnover and whether they have air-conditioning or or not.
Restaurants with a turnover of less than Rs 50 lakh will be levied a tax rate of 5 per cent. 
Non-AC restaurants will be charged 12 per cent GST on food bill. Tax rate for AC restaurants and those with liquor licence will be 18 per cent, whereas restaurants in 5-star hotels will attract a GST rate of 28 per cent.
While ordering food from your neighborhood non-AC joint may get a little costly under GST, eating out in AC restaurants is set to become cheaper as the current tax rate includes 5.6 per cent Service tax and 14 per cent VAT in some states.
Telecom Bills: Your mobile and internet bills are expected to rise once GST comes into force. Currently, there is a 15 per cent service tax on telecoms services. Under GST, the tax rate applicable will be 18 per cent. The industry, which is already stressed with the launch of Reliance Jio, is expected to pass on these charges to customers.
Currently, there is service tax on cinema and states have separate entertainment taxes. Maharashtra levies more around 50 per cent entertainment tax on movie tickets. In Uttar Pradesh (UP) entertainment tax is around 30-40 percent.
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