Tips For Doing Business In India

Globalization has made the business world come closer. No matter the country you intend to do business with, it is always beneficial to learn about the culture and how business is done.
With FDI being liberalized in a unique way, India has opened doors for the world to come and do business in India. Spectacular economic growth from the explosion of offshore outsourcing and manufacturing in India has created immense opportunities for investment and international commerce.

Whatever be the reasons, for an outsider trying to do business with us Indians, the journey can be both frustrating and entertaining (if you have a sense of humor). Companies from various countries come to India for business and seek registration for their representative companies or establishments of companies here.
The following tips will help you ensure that you maximize your opportunities for doing business in India:
  • Be aware of size and structure
  • Be clear and direct in communications
  • Understand the complex tax environment
  • Adopt a flexible approach
  • Take time to make friendly small talk at the start of a meeting
  • You can choose Delhi for your Indian headquarters/Choosing Delhi for HQ makes sense
  • Work harder for specific outcomes
  • Do your research ahead of time
  • Business often takes longer in India but do your best not to show frustration or anger
  • Cities aren’t the only places for opportunity
Understanding the small differences can prevent potential business partners being offended and helps build strong relationships. Considering and respecting the top tips for doing business in India above is the first step towards building effective relationships.
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